All at Sea


Those of you who know me well, will know that I love nothing more than being at sea. I did not join the yachting industry to sit on a dock sipping piña coladas, ( however delicious they may be!) I took up a career in sailing so that I could go sailing. 

It's not always easy, sometimes is bloody hard, it hurts, its cold, wet, dark and scary. This voyage from Newport  RI to St Thomas, in the US Virgin Islands, was all of those things at different points, but thats just it isn't it! Only at points!  It was, as it always is, outweighed by laughter, sunrises, fast sailing and a sense of "we are all in this together-ness" that I am yet to find is any other pastime. 



I am sure I have written about the magical "take off" moment previously, when you kill the engine and feel the hull power up underneath you, when the boat starts to heel and dig a trench in the water behind it. The power and empowerment felt in this moment for me is immeasurable, as with each surge forward, your horizon seems a little closer.

It is this feeling I would like to give to more people, I would like families from cities, from war zones, from land locked countries, to feel what it is like to know a land with no borders. Because to be a citizen of the ocean is to know this feeling, to be at home in the sea, where all lands are connected is a freedom we are all entitled to and should have the right to experience.