Basho 🕊

At the beginning of September, just as the trees were starting to turn and a chill nipped the air, the Basho gals and I, set off out to West Penwith to put the worlds to rights. They also asked me some questions and the conversation that followed is linked below.

Spending time with the girls has altered my ideas about what is real and possible in this life. They are true soul food and their dreamy skin care oils are a little slice of heaven for your skin.

They also directed me in these beautiful photographs, which are something I will forever treasure. Thank you Basho, for lighting up the world.

stella - 4 of 24.jpg

“When do you feel your most radiant self?

On a boat for a long ocean passage I am the best version of myself. 
Day and night lose all meaning, you find a new rhythm in the passage of time. There are few distractions and the people around you become your life support.  

You are granted front row seats at the most majestic sunsets and the most magical sunrises. I have seen the night sky turn completely green and heard the rush of a shooting star. At sea I am on top of my world, unleashed across time and space. “

The journal entry and Basho’s beautiful skincare can be found in full….. here

The gorgeous photography by Victoria May Harrison can be found here