Compagnia Imago

Believe me when I say, that the irony of my photographic tendencies, and their roots in the plastic and celluloid, is not lost on me. However, I am afraid that I am an analogue junkie and it is a habit that I do not seem to be able to shake. 

 Hence, whilst trolling the internet and sliding upon the kickstarter campaign of Italian company "Compagnia-Imagio and their bid to produce beautiful, sustainable reels for their 35mm film rolls. I could not resist chewing their ears off to send me some just in time to head to Brazil. Those boys obliged and I took a bunch of their lovely film to sea with me, here are some of the snaps.........


Where the actual film stock is of course still plastic, the canisters themselves are made of either bamboo, coconut or just recycled wood with bio-plastic stoppers on the ends. The aim here is to find a balance between the sustainable and the celluloid, the old and the new. As we hunt for this sustainable future for the visual arts, this balanceing act will continue to rear its head. 

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