For the Love of Water

Hello Friends, I feel it is time to enlighten you as to the nature of my up-coming adventures.... 

Plastic pollution is one of the greatest unseen threats to our maritime environment, every year millions of tonnes of plastic rubbish finds its way down rivers and streams into the sea. Much of it is broken down by waves and sunlight into micro-plastics, which spread out across the planet. Eventually these micro-plastic particles are pushed around by wind and weather into ocean gyres, many people have heard of the north pacific ocean-gyre, but in fact there are five.

Studies of these gyres “have shown concentration of plastic to plankton at a ratio of 6:1” (Capt. Charles Moore)  The issue then becomes that these micro-plastics begin to act as a sponge for toxins, which slowly work their way up the food chain, into our food, bodies and eco-systems. Plastic pollution in the sea is an obstacle that we collectively need to tackle and overcome, in order to maintain the lifestyles that we currently exercise. Without healthy oceans there are neither healthy fish nor healthy people, something has got to change.


My role, as an artist in this mission will be to aid in the communication of the data collected to a wider audience. The challenge here is to “Make the Unseen ~ Seen”, in other words to educate and enlighten people as to the affects of our global actions and ways to initiate change… We will be carrying out research and community projects through out our voyage, for example conducting Under-water beach clean-ups and carrying out hair sampling in order to test Mercury levels in Guyana. 


We hope to


create positive role models for young women


create awareness for positive proactive health monitoring


create narratives of awareness around chemicals in environment and chemicals related to human disease


inspire the precautionary principle in consumer choice and highlight earth friendly / body friendly choices