Why what we need is less......

The January chills are in the air, I sand until my fingers are blue and my wanders. Far from here, far from this place to another universe, another future.

So I thought I might share with you some of what I have been listening to, as everybody likes a good podcast recommendation on a cold winters eve, and if you have any you would like to share with me please do! The “GOOP” episode is especially special, as it includes a lot of recent research into Endocrine Disrupting chemicals.  Something I have found scarce information on since I first learned about them in 2015. There has been so much research, exposure and communication about the amount of plastic making its way into our oceans, which is truly wonderful! Yet the physical impact of the chemicals present in these plastics (and many other products) on our bodies, namely women’s bodies, is somewhat harder to visualise.

Recently, I seem to often be pausing for a moment to reflect upon just how far we have come.

 To  marvel  that “single use” has been coined the most popular phrase of 2018. 

To delight in rarely seeing single use plastic bags, plastic straws or plastic cutlery in every day use. 

To be so god -damned proud that just three years ago,  setting off to research the impact of plastic pollution not just on the planet but on women’s health, I never would have dreamed that in just three short years so many people would be singing the phrases “slow-living”, “low impact” and “zero-waste”. 

Yet we are still gracing just the tip of the iceberg. These Podcasts, I feel, all dig a little deeper than we currently are at the moment. Within each one glints a golden nugget of wisdom, for this reason I thought I would place them together and hand them out for you to give a whirl.

A particularly wonderful quote came from the “On Being” episode with Krista Tippett, featuring Pico Iyer;

“….to be human is to try to find the best part of yourself that is in fact beyond yourself and much wiser than you are, and have that to share with everyone you care for.” Pico Iyer

Iyer’s philosophies around simplicity, minimalism and silence are firmly soft, if that makes sense? I loved listening to his life story and hearing about how he reached his current state of being. I will be off soon, on another adventure, where slow living, minimal wanting or needing and the ability to find stillness and silence within my own mind will be of great importance. But more on that later. For now……each episode is linked below for your listening pleasure. Enjoy, S x

2 0 1 9 .


I pause to look around me and reflect on how far we have left to travel and at how uncertain the future, our future really is.

The foundations on which our societies were built are trembling under their own weight. The compression of growth is causing fractures and earth beneath us is beginning to groan.  This is not an attempt at scaremongering, one has to admit, that there is something in the air. Change is afoot, whether we like it or not. 

Shot over 3 years in various locations around the world on 16mm film on a non reflex Bolex. Natural Phenomena gives a nod to just that. Split into three sections the first was filmed inside the melting crevasses of the fox glacier in New Zealand. The second or middle section shows the viewing of a solar eclipse through a welding mask, while the third shows the artist performing around and venturing through the mysterious Men an Tol standing stones in West Penwith, whose history is mostly speculative, though it is thought that the way one chooses to pass through the ring in the stone should signify how they came to be born into this world.

atlantic ~ 2019


In this Canvas I wanted to create a window into a moment in time. The moonlit waves could really be in any time or place, for me they are emotive of a very specific nano second in time. 

I rarely work in oil. I don’t like the smell of mineral spirits or Linseed oil. Somehow this elevates their vibrance + density when I do treat myself. 

In these more recent paintings I am attempting to further explore painting as a craft. Transferring skills such as wood working and upholstery from my work on the interior of sailing boats. Crafting pieces which sit between traditional painting and interior design. These paintings are designed to be lived with, to accent a space + provide a portal to another time and place.